04 Apr

Apple Watch support is coming to JogStats

I have submitted an update to JogStats to bring Apple Watch support.  The Apple Watch app will display the Elapsed Time and the top two stats you have selected in the phone app.  You will also be able to start, pause, resume and end a session as well as mark laps directly on your Apple Watch.  The watch app will be included with the phone app for no additional charge.  If you already own JogStats you will receive this as an update when it is released.


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29 Jan


As a small side project I started htmlbeautify.com.   This is a free tool for beautifying, indenting and cleaning up messy HTML, CSS and Javascript code.  It is based on the open source js-beautify project over on GitHub.



27 Sep

First Thing updated with new Widget mode


Our First Thing app for Mac has been updated to version 1.4.  It now includes a new Widget that can be placed anywhere on your screen for a more visible reminder.  For more info, check out the App Store listing.




26 Aug

First Thing for Mac Released


Today we are excited to release our first Mac App Store app.

First Thing

With First Thing you will always pick up where you left off! At the end of the day (or before lunch, a meeting, anytime) type a note to yourself to remind you where to pick things up when you return. A full coffee cup in the status bar means you have something to do.

This is a very simple app but after using it for a few days you will wonder how you lived without it. (We know: you have a pencil and paper.)

+ Runs in the status bar
+ Supports rich text and html
+ Supports copy/paste
+ Launch at Login (Optional)


22 Oct

JogStats for iOS7 Released

Rusty Apps is pleased to announce that JogStats for iOS is now available in the App Store. JogStats started on Palm’s webOS and has now been ported to iOS 7.


29 May

Need for Feeds now available for iPad


Need for Feeds is a clean, easy to use RSS news reader with support for syncing with your Reader account. Stay up to date by swiping through the latest stories from your favorite news site and blogs. Read the full story via the in-app web browser. Includes feed searching, offline reading, in-app help, and sharing via email. This free app is add-supported.

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